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Raccoons are among the most problematic of all nuisance wild animal species. They eat a wide range of food and will take advantage of accessible trash whenever possible. Raccoons do not hibernate, but they do live in dens and become less active during the colder months of the year. Raccoons are also a major host of rabies in the U.S., especially here in Long Island where their populations are on the rise. Raccoon feces can contain dangerous sometimes deadly organisms like raccoon roundworm.


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Common Sources of Raccoon Activity

The combination of food and potential shelter, often bring problem raccoons dangerously close to people and domestic animals. Homes and buildings with chimneys, attics, porches, sheds, basements and other areas can provide a perfect winter den for Raccoons. These animals are very powerful with strong hands and fingers. Problem raccoons often cause significant damage when they enter a structure.


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Raccoon Damage Long Island

Raccoon damage often continues once the animal gets inside your Long Island Home or business. Soiled insulation along with damaged vents and heating and cooling equipment are common areas that raccoons can damage once inside.

If a raccoon has entered a home or building, it should be addressed right away. This will minimize the risk of any human-wildlife conflict. Raccoons can cause serious damage around homes and buildings, especially when they try to enter through soffits, attics or chimneys.


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Long Island Raccoon Prevention Tips

Secure your garbage and compost- Raccoons will happily raid garbage cans and compost heaps. Make sure garbage is kept in tightly closed containers.

Take out trash on the morning of pick-up instead of the night before. Keep compost in secure vented containers to prevent access to this attractive food source. These practices prevent artificial feeding of raccoons and also makes your area less attractive to them.

Do not feed or try to approach raccoons. Raccoons are wild animals and feeding, whether directly or indirectly, may cause them to lose their fear of people.

If raccoons become (used to people) they may approach humans expecting food or attention. This is a dangerous situation that often leads to human-wildlife conflict.


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Feed Pets Indoors

Do not put pet food outdoors under any circumstances. Pet food left outdoors inadvertently feeds a variety of wildlife including raccoons.

Attracting animals to frequent a particular area can cause the spread of disease from raccoons to other wildlife and domestic animals or pets.


Hire a Wildlife Removal Professional

Raccoons can be dangerous animals to come in contact with. Our goal is to address the problem animal and implement long-term exclusion plans to prevent future wildlife problems. Share this information with your family, friends and neighbors! Your personal efforts may be not be enough if friends or neighbors are providing raccoons and other wildlife with food and shelter.


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