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Water Damage Suffolk County by Bulovas Restorations

Through floods, storms, sewage or mold, water can destroy your home. Call us now to take care of the problem, before it becomes a major issue.



Bulovas Restorations Is A Premier Water Damage Restoration Company In Suffolk County NY.

Floods and other water damage problems that affect your home or business are both traumatizing and dangerous as floods can lead to more serious concerns, such as mold and mildew.  Our Suffolk County water damage restoration team is available 24/7 to remedy any water damage problem that arises before the problem is exacerbated. We provide water damage services for both residential and large commercial properties in Suffolk County.  As a bonus, our licensed, bonded and insured professionals will deal with the hassles of the insurance company to make the claims process quick and painless for your water damage in Suffolk County needs.

Call for Free Consultation : (631) 358-5200

Suffolk County Water Damage Cleanup and Removal

Water damage in Suffolk County can make living in your home next to impossible. Due to its very nature, water can invade every porous surface in your home causing damage that can lead to issues like black mold. Mold damage, in turn, can cause your home to rot, creating structural damage, while also presenting a multitude of health issues.
Suffolk County water damage is particularly concerning as it often occurs in areas of the home that are not frequently accessed, such as the basement. By the time that most home or business owners detect water damage, the damage has already been done. Fortunately, our mitigation experts use the latest equipment to completely remove the water from your home or business, and restore it to its original condition.
No matter if you’re a victim of storm damage or you’ve discovered flooding from a broken or leaky pipe, damage from frozen pipes, a sewer line break, a sink or toilet overflow, or a malfunctioning appliance like a water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator in your home, our flood damage technicians are equipped to handle any problem of any size. All it takes is one phone call and we can arrive on the scene within minutes. For more information on our residential or commercial water damage Suffolk County restoration services, call us today at (631) 358-5200.

Basement Water Damage Cleanup Suffolk County NY

Flooded basements and crawlspaces can present even more challenges. Hidden moisture can lead to mold and mildew that can pervade and ruin stored contents and valuables. We will detect and perform all water cleanup and removal in your basement quickly and completely. Do not wait to call if you need basement water damage cleanup.

Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes Suffolk County NY

Homes that are poorly insulated or that are left vacant with no furnace to regulate the heat can be a common culprit of frozen water pipes and frozen water lines in the winter time. These breaks are also often hard to notice immediately because they most commonly occur in the basement where the heat is not as well regulated. Broken pipes can be a common cause of water damage, causing water to come flooding into your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. Sprinkler pipes will often freeze and a pipe bursts happens beneath the surface of the ground and causes water to come gushing into your home through window wells and even walls. Often times this gushing water goes unnoticed for days at a time since the burst pipes are below the ground’s surface.

Frozen Sprinkler Pipes Can Cause Devastating Damage To Your Home.

A frozen, broken or leaky pipe are all inconveniences that can lead to major headaches for your home. Ignoring these repairs can be extremely costly as water damage can lead to an unstable structure and damage of your valuables. whether you are experiencing a leaky, burst, or frozen pipe, give us a call today so we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Sewage Damage Cleanup and Removal in Suffolk County NY

Bulovas Restorations Emergency Services is a trained leader in sewage cleanup and restoration. As the name implies, sewage can be hazardous to both your health and your home. Left untreated, fecal matter or raw sewage can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Sewage damage is also very unsightly and should be removed immediately.
Bulovas Restorations can help relieve owners, managers, coworkers, family and friends from the severe emotional trauma and physical hazards of cleaning the location of a sewage incident. Fortunately for homeowners, most insurance policies do cover this type of a loss. If you are experiencing sewage damage, call us as soon as possible!

A Water Damage Company You Can Trust

If you’re in need of a Suffolk County emergency water damage service, we’re here to handle all your residential and commercial water damage issues. Being available to you 24 hours, day and night, allows us to be on the scene quickly and start the process of returning your life back to normal. You need a water damage company that you can trust is knowledgeable and trained to handle any water damage repair, so call Bulovas Retoration Emergency Services to get started right away.

Call for Free Consultation : (631) 358-5200

With the speedy service provided by Bulovas Restorations, available 24 hours a day and seven days per week, you will not even have time to worry! Severe water damage can occur by the 48-hour mark, along with the threatening potential for mold and mildew growth.  We respond to all calls as they are received and expeditiously resolve all water damage problems, leaving your home like new. Water damage in Suffolk County is unfortunately common due to our proximity to beaches and altering weather patterns. However, it does not have to create lasting and hazardous with our professional water damage restoration services.  If you need a water damage restoration company in Suffolk County, call Bulovas Restorations today!

We bill the insurance companies, not you. Also, our business is certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. And our company is experienced in providing island-wide damage relief to homeowners.

Again, Bulovas Restorations offers twenty-four-hour service for all of Suffolk County. Severe water damage can begin occurring in less than forty-eight hours. That is why we make it our duty to respond to your call right away.

Kim Foley
Kim Foley
14:38 21 Aug 19
Called them day I discovered flood and they responded immediately! They were professional and courteous, neat and organized. I would highly recommend them. Their price was more than reasonable and The owner is a pleasure to work with.read more
Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera
18:37 12 Aug 19
My wife and I are so happy we were referred to Rory and Chris at Bulovas. The team is HIGHLY professional. They did an amazing job and completed everything exactly on schedule. Thank you guys!read more
Robert Dunn
Robert Dunn
15:56 10 Aug 19
Excellent job by Bulova, they came in a crunch right before we were having a party today. Great job on the couch, ottoman and area rugs. Very friendly and accommodating. Would def use them again. Thanks guysread more
01:08 24 Jul 19
I had a carpet cleaning done at my home and office recently on the same day! They were absolutely amazing and thorough. Rory and his crew made me feel at ease upon arrival assuring me that the carpets in the office and my home would look brand new. I was not disappointed at all. Their cleaning process is better than any other company I’ve ever used in the past. I would give them 10 stars if I could.read more
Carrie Davis
Carrie Davis
12:56 21 Jul 19
Rory and his team of magicians worked an absolute miracle in a rental property I manage and also in a second property I own. Tenants often times are hard on carpeting and 5 children under 12 years old can be a challenge to any flooring. He and his team restored the five year old carpet to a very presentable and acceptable level. The other unit had carpeting that is almost 10 year sold and again he worked wonders. As a result of his work the carpets will not have to be replaced. I couldn't be happier! Rory is vey responsive and priced fairly. He was able to schedule almost immediately, was on time, had great communication and did a perfect job. I would and will highly recommend Bulovas Restorations to others in the future.read more
17:01 06 Jul 19
Just had my two bathroom floors and my kitchen floor cleaned and sealed. Absolutely incredible work. Incredibly professional and clean throughout. The tile and grout look as if I just put down new flooring. Extremely impressed with their professionalism, precision, cleanliness, and detail from start to finish. I will be using them for future work.read more
Robin Levy
Robin Levy
01:27 28 Jun 19
I just had my carpets cleaned by the owner and one of his employees. They came on time and the pricing was very reasonable. Not to mention my carpets came out great! I have an older dog who has been having accidents and the carpets look brand new. I highly recommend!read more
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