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Water Damage Long Island  by Bulovas Restorations

Through floods, storms, sewage or mold, water can destroy your home. Call us now to take care of the problem, before it becomes a major issue.



Bulovas Restorations is a primer water damage restoration company on Long Island.

Floods and other water damage problems that affect your home or business are both traumatizing and dangerous as floods can lead to more serious concerns, such as mold and mildew.  Our Long Island water damage restoration team is available 24/7 to remedy any water damage problem that arises before the problem is exacerbated. We provide water damage services for both residential and large commercial properties on Long Island.  As a bonus, our licensed, bonded and insured professionals will deal with the hassles of the insurance company to make the claims process quick and painless for your water damage on Long Island needs.


With the speedy service provided by Bulovas Restorations, available 24 hours a day and seven days per week, you will not even have time to worry! Severe water damage can occur by the 48-hour mark, along with the threatening potential for mold and mildew growth.  We respond to all calls as they are received and expeditiously resolve all water damage problems, leaving your home like new. Water damage on Long Island is unfortunately common due to our proximity to beaches and altering weather patterns. However, it does not have to create lasting and hazardous with our professional water damage restoration services.  If you need a water damage restoration company on Long Island, call Bulovas Restorations today!


We bill the insurance companies, not you. Also, our business is certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. And our company is experienced in providing island-wide damage relief to homeowners.

Again, Bulovas Restorations offers twenty-four-hour service for all of Long Island. Severe water damage can begin occurring in less than forty-eight hours. That is why we make it our duty to respond to your call right away.