Pack Out and Storage

If immediate packing and removal of items from your home or business is required, the task may seem overwhelming for your family or employees.  The prompt pack out is necessary for cleaning and restoration in the event of disasters such as fire and smoke. Bulovas Restorations provides content pack out services and Long Island, as well as storage if needed.  Our experts promise to carefully and respectfully remove the items from your home or business and relocate them to be restored to their pre-disaster state. All of your personal and valuable belongings will be stored in a safe, secure and climate controlled environment to prevent loss and further damage.


Our Long Island restoration experts can then begin the process of cleaning up and restoring your items.  Our comprehensive restoration system is designed to help bring your items back to their pre-disaster state so you do not feel the loss of valuable possession, family heirlooms or retail inventory.  If disaster has struck requiring content pack out and storage services on Long Island, contact Bulovas Restorations today.