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About Bulovas Restoration

Proudly Serving Suffolk County, New York and the Surrounding Areas.
You’ve been through enough. Let the professionals handle your fire damage, mold, and water damage.

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There is a reason why Bulovas Restorations is the leading damage restoration service in Long Island. Our disaster recovery professionals are always on standby, waiting twenty-four hours a day to service any type of damage emergency. And yes, we are even ready to restore your home on weekends and holidays. Whether it is from water, fire, smoke, soot, or mold, your damage emergency is our top priority.

Anything can happen to your home over the course of a day, especially when living on a flood-prone island. Floods can ruin a home or business on Long Island. Standing water weakens foundations, causes metal pipes to rust, and breeds surface and airborne mold.

If these issues are left untreated, they can cause harmful and much more damage. So call Bulovas Restorations today, because we are here to assist you during this trying time by promptly getting rid of the water damage.Another one of our areas of expertise is the removal of black mold. Our highly trained professionals are experienced with properly removing this dangerous mold. If you have black mold in your home or business, don’t worry. Bulovas Restorations is the leading damage control business in Long Island for a reason. We will identify any mold you have and remove all of it with the greatest care.So please call us today at (631) 358-5200.