Temporary Power Rentals

Temporary Power Rentals

Generator Rental Services

Availability of generators in a time of disaster is crucial to getting you back on your feet. Bulovas Restorations Inc. offers temporary power rentals in Long Island NY and surrounding areas. Our professionals will also gladly haul the generators to you and install/maintain them if necessary.

Generator Rentals for Construction Sites

Temporary rentals are very much needed for the continuous working of construction industry. Much of the equipment being used runs on electricity and there for requires a portable power source. Even if a centralized power grid is available, it may result in a strain on the network and can cause malfunction. Thus, generators can be an effective solution.

When disaster strikes it can have a very comprehensive effect on your lifestyle. Many times people are relocated, but even if the damage is livable your electricity might be out. A power outage can be a major inconvenience, but it can also be a major financial hindrance if your work depends on it.

Thankfully, Bulovas Restorations Inc. rents out industrial strength generators that can power a home or business with no issues.

Power interruptions are common when dealing with disasters, and we understand how important it can be to get your home or business back up and running.

We offer 24/7 emergency power rental services in case of emergencies.

However, there are some important aspects to be considered before hiring a power generator.

You should select the type of generator you need to hire by determining your budget, what you need to power, and the portability of the generator. We will work with you to get the best generator for your situation and budget.