Air Duct Cleaning

Long Island Air Duct Cleaning

Many people never think to have air ducts cleaned for a simple reason: out of sight, out of mind.  However, homes, especially air ducts, collect nearly fifty pounds of dust and other allergens over the course of one year making it crucial to have your air ducts cleaned. In fact, and scarily enough, the EPA has found that indoor air is sometimes up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air! Bulovas Restorations is the top air duct cleaning company on Long Island.  If allergies are a constant problem in your home, our air duct cleaning experts can provide a simple remedy by removing dust, mold and other unhealthy allergens that you are breathing in. Our streamlined and effective process will result in better air quality and easier breathing in your home.


In addition, Bulovas Restorations air duct cleaning services on Long Island are designed to save you money.  Our process not only improved the air you breathe, creating a healthier environment, but also lowers electrical expenses as your HVAC system will not have to work as hard to push air out of the vents! As a result, room will reach your desired temperate much quicker.  On top of all of that, our Long Island air duct cleaners are skilled in cleaning air ducts so that the future potential for mold and mildew are reduced, your HVAC system functions longer and unpleasant odors are removed. If you would like to schedule an air duct cleaning today, contact Bulovas Restorations.